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Taking the guesswork out of your plan!


Understanding Your Situation

Many Medicare Advantage plans charge significant cost-sharing for covered services, including the same amounts that someone in the Original Medicare program would pay for the same services, and in some cases, even more. For example, it is not uncommon for Medicare Advantage plans to charge the full 20% coinsurance for durable medical equipment and Part B covered drugs, including chemotherapy. Medicare Advantage plans have significant daily copays for hospital and nursing home admissions. 

These significant out-of-pocket costs frequently become unaffordable for plan enrollees who must use these services. 

The insurance market has adapted to fill this void, or growth in deficiencies, in Medicare Advantage coverage by selling a new package of benefits that will fill in some of these gaps, or otherwise “wrap around” the Medicare Advantage benefit.

These Hospital Indemnity plans, pay a cash benefit directly to Medicare beneficiaries to cover the out-of-pocket costs they may face when obtaining certain services through their Medicare Advantage plan.
Hospital Indemnity Plans create cost predictability and security with Medicare Advantage.  It pairs with Medicare Advantage Plan to fill the gap in market between a low-cost Medicare Advantage and a higher cost Medicare Supplement.  The resulting coverage can provide peace of mind and provide a more affordable option to Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement.

If you would like more information on Hospital Indemnity Plans just click on the link below.

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